Explorer 2020 vs Chevrolet Traverse vs Dodge Durango 2019

Explorer 2020 vs Chevrolet Traverse vs Dodge Durango 2019

Battle of the Detroit Giants

“All the three Detroit biggies i.e. Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge have always been exciting rivals of the automotive industry, always remaining at the top of any segment they fight for. This time around although it’s not their traditional Muscle rivalry where Dodge has outmuscled both of the other for years, it is still going to be interesting as well as difficult comparing these SUV’s and seeing who really is the winner in Detroit.”

Dodge, Chevrolet, and Ford for years have been one of the biggest and healthiest rivalries in the automobile industry of the United States of America. Starting out with their iconic muscle car rivalries to this SUV one which we are going to talk about, all three companies have always been committed to producing top of the rack and have more often than not given us headaches choosing one over the other. Let us see how this one goes.

Since the start of the motor age led by Ford in America, the big three that accredited for the Automotive development of US have been sorts of eternal rivals now. These three have never backed out of producing top-notch rival cars for the segments they have entered and continue to do so even after about a 100 years. For now, let us leave this rivalry to be talked about in an article solely dedicated to it and talk about the cars at hand. Today we are going to compare the latest generations of the flagship SUVs from Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge. While Ford has already announced the specifications of 2020 Explorer and even unveiled it, Dodge and Chevrolet are yet to do it so we are comparing the 2019 generation of their respective SUV series. Below given is the full in-depth analysis of all three for you to read and choose.

Engine and Power

First and the foremost thing that anyone compares in a car is the engine, naturally, engines are the powerhouses of cars and they need to get the first priority because without them there is no car to drive around.

Coming onto the cars in question, all three cars have 2 options of choosing the engines. While Dodge has 3.6L V6 and a 5.7L V8 for its standard and Trim variants respectively, Ford offers variants in 2.3L Turbo I4 and 3.0L Turbo V6 and lastly, Chevrolet offers 2.0L Turbo I4 and 3.6L V6. While the most powerful engine here is the Ford 3.0L V6 with 365 HP, 5.7L V8 of Dodge is not far behind with 360 HP while the least powerful is the 2.0L I4 in Chevy with 257 HP.

Coming on to Drivetrains, both Ford and Dodge offer Rear wheel as well as all-wheel drive while Chevrolet Traverse offers either Front Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive which makes both Ford and Dodge more effective in rugged terrains if you are on just 2 wheel drive with their rear wheel drive cars.

Now if we compare the Torque Dodge is the clear winner with 10 pounds per feet more torque than Ford which is at 380 LBS/Ft and while like before Chevy is the worst performer with 265 LB/Ft that too surprisingly for the more powerful 3L V6 engine.

Coming on to the Economy part of it, Ford Explorer being new has no data while Chevy Traverse provides an Economy of 21-23 and Dodge Durango is somewhere between 20-21. If we compare all the stats of the engine given above either Explorer or the Dodge Durango should be your vehicle of choice with both Economy as well as power offered in the latter.

Towing capacity, Cargo Space and Passenger Comfort

While talk about the engine, average, and power are all good for the automotive enthusiasts and experts, the real utility of SUVs for a common person buying such car comes with its towing capacity, the space in its cargo rack as well as the space it provides to its passengers. Now let us have a look at these specifications.

In terms of the towing Capacity, the Dodge Hemi V8 edition just eases pasts the competition with a far more superior 7200 pounds towing capacity which is miles ahead of its closest rival 2020 Ford Explorer at 5600 while Chevrolet Traverse is at the bottom with 5000 pounds towing capacity.

In terms of the Cargo capacity, Chevrolet Traverse performs the best with 23 cu-ft. luggage space and 98.2 CU-FT maximum capacity while Dodge is the worst performer with 17.2 Cu-Ft luggage space and 84.5 Cu-Ft maximum storage capacity while Ford is the mid performer with 18.2 Cu-Ft luggage space and 85 Cu-Ft maximum storage capacity.

In terms of Passenger space offered Chevrolet Traverse remains the most premium SUV outside of Expedition class SUVs to offer the best passenger space in the crossover SUV market. Although both new Dodge, as well as 2020 Ford Explorer, have come closer in this sphere, the Chevrolet still remains ahead of the competition and tends to remain so in coming years.

Safety features

In terms of Safety and allied features, the 2020 Ford Explorer seems to be following the industry trend to increase model safety by subsequent models while Chevy seems to have the least safety of the three.

Talking about the Explorer 2020, it comes with Pilot 360 as a piece of standard equipment in all the ranges while it also has automatic emergency breaking for front tires and gives an option for the installation of the same in the rear tires as well. Added to all this is a lane-keep assistant that lets you maintain the lane you are driving in as well as a pedestrian detection system that ensures no pedestrian is hit accidentally in worst of the situations.

Coming on to the Dodge Durango 2019, this car seems to have been equipped with standard equipment such as parking assistant, automatic breaking facility, lane departure warning system, traction control, and normal airbags. It is believed that the coming 2020 version will have more to offer in terms of safety.

Now if we look at the Chevrolet Traverse, we’ll see a trend that is opposite to what the industry demands. In this car, Blind-spot and rear cross-traffic are not offered until the LT trim level, while forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking are available for the Premier (optional) and High Country (standard) trim levels. This has been a major point of disappointment for Chevy lovers and it needs to be taken care of soon enough.


The last major factor that can influence your mind is the price. While there is not a major difference when it comes to prices of the cars, just that the least starting price from amongst these cars is offered by Dodge which is at around $30,000 while Explorer is in middle with around $34,000 and Traverse is the most expensive at a starting range of around $35,000.


While all of these cars seemed to have a utility in their particular sense of usability and utility, if we spoke for an overall consensus then Ford Explorer seems to be the best performing because it either excels in standard or maintains the industry standard while the Chevrolet Traverse is a good utility option but lacks basic industry level modern day safety measures offering lesser power than the other two cars. Coming to the Dodge, it seems that most of the things in the car match the industry standards and when it comes to engine, the Dodge makers aren’t able to leave their American Muscle image even in the SUV segment which affects the overall average oil consumption.

In the end we would like to say that despite what these general comparisons of vehicles say in this article, they are just the overall knowledge which ranges several variants, if you are really serious about buying a vehicle you should always look at the specifications of the specific variant and then compare to the others of the same level accordingly.

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