Fiercest rivalries in the history of US Automobile Industry

Fiercest rivalries in the history of US Automobile Industry
ferrari laferrari vs mclaren p1

“What good can happen to automotive industries without iconic car rivalries that define generations? How can an industry improve without competitions and rivalries that force automakers to innovate and create? Car rivalries of the US automobile industry have over the years have done more than just entertain us numerous, they have in fact led small revolutions in themselves that have inspired innovations over the years. These rivalries are the best thing that can happen for consumer point of you as well as manufacturer’s point of view.”

Who doesn’t like some good old car rivalries that have always dominated the automobile world? Great cars have always been indulged in rivalries for dominance in certain sectors of the industry. This article is dedicated to such epic as well as great rivalries that have changed the world of automobiles over the years.

Over the years, there have been some fierce rivalries in the automotive industry that has no less than entertained as well as enthralled us and in the process have greatly enhanced the quality of automobiles that have been produced in the industry. Aside from providing a great source of interest for automobile lovers, these hyped and sometimes over-hyped comparisons and rivalries have always resulted in an overall gain for the consumers. This article is dedicated to such rivalries that have changed the world of automobiles forever.

1. Ford Mustang vs Chevrolet Camaro

Which better rivalry to start with than the iconic rivalry between two of the most successful American muscle cars Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Camaro. Coming from already traditionally rival companies, Ford and Chevrolet, these cars have been fighting for the top spot for around the past 50 years. This rivalry is expected to heat up even further when the 2020 generation model of both the cars. Although in the recent years Ford has produced more powerful as well as better Mustangs, this year is thought to be even more competition among-st these two rivals.

2. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution vs Subaru WRX STi

Both of these sports utility vehicles have been competing in the all-wheel-drive segment of sports vehicles and have been fighting for the top for years now. While the Lancer Evolution has been discontinued since 2015, it still remains more than competitive and comparable to the new versions of the Subaru WRX STI. Although this rivalry is expected to die soon as one car has been discontinued, it remains as one of the most exciting and enticing rivalries in the automotive history of the United States of America. For the past recent years, the compact sports segment has been heating up with new vehicles such as Honda Civic, Ford Focus, these cars still remain the icons of this segment for selling outrageous amounts for years and years.

3. Fiat 500 vs Mini Cooper Hardtop

For decades now both Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper have been a household name in the automobile industry. They are perhaps the most popular hatchbacks that were ever produced and both of these are still going strong. While similar in price, power, space there is not much that can separate these two and more often than not people go with their brand loyalty when choosing between the two. FIAT 500 is around $4000 odd bucks cheaper while Mini Cooper is slightly more powerful and luxurious, so this doesn’t really affect the rivalry.

4. Ferrari LaFerrari vs McLaren P1

This one is for all those supercars fans out there. Ferrari and McLaren for decades have been locked in fierce rivalry for the crown of the best producer of supercars. For the fans, this is just like Madrid and Barcelona, leaves and the Habs, where loyalty means everything and this has always been the case since the 1950s. Although McLaren has got way less experience in building Hyper sports cars, the specs sheet for years have been coming closer and closer with McLaren performing more often than not.

In this one the successor of the iconic F1, the P1 is up against the La Ferrari and it seems for a better part of history the McLaren has been winning the show for some time now. This rivalry sprung out of the Formula one racing onto the roads when McLaren announced the intent to return with new super sports cars and since then we are being entertained with one of the best rivalries in the remembered automobile history.

5. Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord

This one comes from these Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord two of the most successful and biggest companies in the automotive industry. Coming from the same home turf in Japan, these two companies and these two cars specifically have been fighting for the throne of the best mid-size sedan for decades now.

This year this rivalry is going one step further with the introduction of hybrid engine in both the cars and more improved drivetrains coupled with better than ever before specifications point at this rivalry not stopping anytime soon in the future.

While both of these cars have been nose to nose in the near past with perhaps Camry having a slight advantage over its local rival, it is still to be seen which car wins the race and the title for the year 2019 because a lot has changed in terms of specifications.

6. Alfa Romeo 4C vs Porsche Cayenne

As they say, this is another one for the books. While many people and experts alike hail Cayenne to be even better than the iconic 911 for its easy, smooth yet raw experience, the Cayman has had another rival hailing from Italy for the crown of mid-range sports cars. The Alfa Romeo 4C comes within the price range of the Cayenne and promises to deliver some seriously raw experience of Italian power and comfort.

Although this rivalry is not much older as compared to others on the list, it is definitely one for the book when two legendary car makers come out to battle it out. Even though we admit it ourselves that more people would like to drive the Porsche Cayenne because of its clearly more cabin space and comfort but what makes this rivalry special is that not many can challenge the raw, unfiltered sports power experience that Alfa Romeo offers.

This list has been made by the editors and experts of our team carefully interpreting the change these rivalries have affected on the industry over the years of their existence. In the end, we would like to say that these car rivalries define the health and well being of the automotive Industry and they should never be allowed to stop.

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