Off-Road Vehicles: The New Family Cars

Off-Road Vehicles: The New Family Cars

“Off-road vehicles with their super safety features and some serious comfort with huge space for everyone have recently been playing 2 roles at the same time. Today, off-road vehicles have more potential to be family cars than any other series of cars in the automobile market and so we need to look at the role of off-road cars as potentially the family cars of the future”


Quite clearly, during recent years off-road vehicles have been the most prominent amongst the cars sold in the SUV segment across dealerships in America. If we look at these vehicles from the perspective of safety, security as well as mobility, they become the best family cars in the market today. In this article, we are going to discuss the potential of off-road cars in being a family and what future hold for them if they are to become the primary family cars of the world.

Whenever someone hears the name of off-road vehicles, they always imagine youngsters racing on hilly slopes and unequal landmasses with their cars jumping in air and dancing on land. This was because at the start of this concept off-road vehicles were only meant for adventure enthusiasts and no one else, that’s why they were built like the monster when it comes to safety. When we recently saw a car of this segment, Honda Odyssey adapts to the segment of family cars perfectly and having great success, we forced into thinking about the potential changes in the future of this type of vehicles. So in this article, we will discuss whether some modification and changes in the off-road vehicles can make them the net most suitable family vehicle because the rapidly changing trend seems to point at this only.

What are off-road vehicles really?

Contrary to what most people believe, off-road vehicles aren’t just ATVs and Jeeps with their doors taken off, rather according to the Kelly Blue Book, Off-road vehicle is any car with four large tires, good ground clearance, and a four-wheel drive all of which allowing them to navigate unusual terrains.

The Keely Blue Book definition is bound to surprise some, especially those single moms with their small SUVs who don’t even think that their small cars could qualify as off-roaders while they actually do. The fact remains that the vehicles people buy to keep themselves safe in snow and heavy rains are mostly equally qualified to navigate difficult terrains while keeping their drivers safe.

A Combination of Safety and Adventure

The unusual yet favorable thing about family off-roaders is that they were made to navigate unusual and hostile terrains, and while most families don’t have such kind of roads to navigate it ensures that the vehicles which can drive on slopes of the Rockies and Volcanic Rocks in Hawaii can easily navigate your Snowstorms and heavy rains in flat and paved urban areas

One more thing that is remarkable about these cars is the safety they offer, like the Honda Ridgeline 2017 which has earned an A rating in the crash testing report and has been applauded for its easy use for child latching. On the other hand, a family also needs to be careful about the vehicles they choose as one of the most popular family Off-roader Jeep Wrangler Unlimited which is unusually popular among families performs poorly in various crash tests because it lacks appropriate airbags, as a result, putting the kids at risk.

A Talk about Capacity

One major thing that every family wants in their car is lots and lots of capacity to haul kids, their stuff as well as their groceries. For years minivans have been so popular with families because they had the capacity to haul half sports teams, groceries, as well as sports equipment. But there is this fundamental question that arises after the launch of new Ford F-150, who would need a van when a truck can do all or more of it?

The Ford F-150 is one example of a pickup truck turned family car, the new Ford F-150 has a spacious back which can accommodate 3 people on the rear seat as well as because it is a pickup truck it can have loads and loads of stuff to tow and carry in its cargo bay, this is one vehicle with extraordinary comfort and space for all the family plus it’s a top safety pick according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety.

Downsides Still Remain

Although these vehicles have become such a hit with their safety and comfort ratings, there are still some issues that are needed to be resolved for these vehicles to become family oriented. These reasons include:-

  1. Because the off-road vehicles have to navigate difficult terrain, they are generally high off the ground and this makes it difficult for the elderly as well the kids to navigate these cars by themselves.
  2. Off-road cars generally are really wide, with Chevrolet Colorado being amongst those few sleek ones. These wide vehicles often make it difficult for drivers to navigate through narrow streets, parking lots as well as driveways.
  3. Although most of the companies producing these vehicles have started to care more about the economy of these cars, some of these cars still don’t have the per gallon economy to match the requirements of a typical middle-class family with average salary and expenditure.

These are some issues that still remain and if resolved could open a whole new front for off-road vehicles.

Some Compilation of thoughts

It has become easier and easier for families to switch to off-road vehicles as family cars due to the fact that many of them now offer comfortable interior and hard exterior that too at reasonable rates. Take the Example of Jeep’s Grand Cherokee, it is the perfect SUV that is sleek and good looking but at the same time, it can easily conquer any terrain at all. Coming at quite low prices, it has instantly become a hit in the particular segment.

This combination of comfortable interior and hard exterior has led these cars to be more and more for family-oriented purposes making even the lives of those families easier than ever.

As with any other car, it is important to do your research and see if a particular car is matching your requirements. Although these cars are well and good and can navigate any terrain, the thing you need to look towards is their navigability and safety because off-roading is secondary to a family’s day to day concerns.

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