Realize your Dreams by buying certified pre-owned exotic cars

Realize your Dreams by buying certified pre-owned exotic cars
pre-owned dream exotic cars

“Every one of us has a dream to buy a Ferrari or an Aston Martin once in our life. These Exotic super-luxury cars have always eluded the common folk because more often than not there are no certified programs to buy used exotic cars and buying new ones is not everyone’s cup of tea but this could change soon enough as we look to a future with certified pre-owned cars.”

Every Kid growing up either wants to own a Ferrari or an Aston Martin when he grows up and to break his heart when he grows he realizes that more often than not he can’t buy those cars of his dreams because he simply can’t afford them because the new ones are simply out of his financial reach and pre-owned ones have certification problems. That is going to change soon and this article is dedicated to telling you about the certified pre-owned cars program by exotic car companies.

It would be gross lying on your face if I tell you that I never dreamt of owning a super car from European automakers like Aston Martin, Ferrari and while most of us dream about the same thing only a handful of us are able to realize it. Pre-owned certified cars have always been associated with most to most a BMW or a Mercedes Benz but in recent times more and more exotic car companies have started a pre-owned cars program wherein warranty is provided by the company itself. While most associate such things with mainstream brands, we have brought you a list which includes the best in class super sports and super luxury brands that each and every one of us dreams of owning one day in our lives, now that can become a reality, the full details are given below.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin as a part of its brand awareness program offers a certified pre-owned car program wherein you are provided with a years’ warranty from the company itself and you even have an option to get it extended. While the positive thing is that there is no restriction of mileage or distance traveled, the only thing that you need to take care about is that the car should be at max 10 years older or more favorably younger than that age for it to qualify for this program.


Just like Aston Martin, its other British counterpart Bentley also offers the same certification and warranty on the pre-owned cars from the brand and you can even extend it until your car turns 10. As far as mileage is concerned there is no limit while you have to be careful of the age of the car. Auto Sales Classified has numerous such cars listed you should go and have a look.


Although the process and steps of buying, certifying and obtaining a warranty for a pre-owned Ferrari can be a bit complex and more often than not tiring, the gist of it remains the same. You have a years’ warranty with no mileage limit which you can extend until your car turns 12 as opposed to 10 for most other brands plus there are some added exceptions for the certification and warranty which you need to read at the time. Although owning a Ferrari is nice and all for your social status, these renewals sometimes cost a lot but people usually choose to take them over living in constant fear of a fatal crash with their potentially expensive Ferrari Scuderia hyper sports car.


Surprisingly Maserati’s pre=owned car program has come out to be better than what is given by most exotic car companies, but that must have been implemented since the company announced its ambitions to compete with the more mainstream companies of the segment like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi. Under the plan offered by Maserati, you get a bumper to bumper warranty for the car for a period of 6 years from the original date of the first-hand sale of the car, this is potentially the best coverage offered on this list. Maybe your next certified pre-owned car has more chance of being a Maserati compared to others.


Porsche’s pre-owned car program is more competitive to mainstream brands than most other brands on the list for a simple reason because Porsche, after all, is not that exotic to the US as some other due to a good base of sales and operations set here. For a car to qualify for the program, the car should be 8 or fewer years older and should have less than an outrageous 100,000 miles clocked on its odometer. The warranty extension doesn’t require any mileage limit and once extended you are covered for 2 years at once. This way Porsche ensures that the customers have a long experience of their car and in a sense makes this deal perfect for first-time luxury car buyers who want to buy cars similar to 911 or the Boxster or the Cayenne.

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